02 August 2011

Rolling her eyes already

We had some photos in the park done by Keri Meyers two Saturdays ago. Do you know about Keri Meyers? She works magic with little babies so you can remember how wee and wrinkly and adorably cute they were when they first arrived into this world. I had wanted to get newborn photos done with Keri when K-Pie was born. Unfortunately I emailed my inquiry a few weeks before K-Pie was due and apparently most moms get on the newborn photo shoot train early in their second trimester. Yeah, I sorta missed that one by a long shot.

Instead we found ourselves in a park the day before K-Pie's 8-month birthday for a mini session. The weather decided to cooperate and we had a lovely day of glorious sun (which is a feat in itself seeing as how this summer we've had like two days of actual sun and the rest of the time we've been miserably living up to our reputation of lots of depressing grey and rain). K-Pie though decided that she would not cooperate by refusing to crack a smile. This is a baby who normally can't stop smiling. She laughs at her own little farts for heaven's sake. And I really wanted her to smile because that is how I think of her, as a smiley, joyful baby. But K-Pie was stone-faced and would not crack a smile no matter how much the three of us adults were making weird noises with our mouths, waving our arms, dancing, and all around acting like semi-lunatics. The photos of our K-Pie turned out beautiful though. So thank you Keri Meyers and K-Pie for being absolutely beautiful even when you are being a serious little baby.

This one really cracks me up. Doesn't it look like she's perplexed by what she's looking at? It was probably when I was pulling out my awesome dance moves. She is like "geez mom are you already embarrassing me?"

For more K-Pie photos see here.

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NinjaCupcake said...

I LOVE!!!! her little ponytail is the cutest thing ever!